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HTML5 Forms Reference Guide

Thanks to HTML5, forms are becoming less of a headache to construct than ever before. Browser support has never been better, especially on smartphones and tablets, making this a great time to get back to basics with constructing your own forms.

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Sticky Header with jQuery slideDown()

If your webpage gets long, you may have the desire to keep some form of branding on your website for readers to always see as they scroll through your content. This approach achieves that in a subtle yet effective way without being overly pushy.

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Sketchbook with HTML5 Canvas and jQuery

Here’s how to build a drawing space on your website using the HTML5 canvas tag. This article will cover the very basics of getting started with canvas, but you’ll soon see how you’ll be able to take it even further.

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Horizontal Responsive Menu

It’s easier than you think to create a simple horizontal menu with just some CSS3 media queries and jQuery. This example doesn’t include any multi-tier drop downs, but for the sake of keeping things simple, here’s a great solution. No plugin required.

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