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CSS3 Animations for Beginners


CSS3 Animations can be great and very simple to implement onto any website. In this post, I will break down what is required to create a simple animations.

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WordPress Plugins I Can’t Live Without


If you worked with WordPress for any length of time, you have I’m sure come across some invaluable plugins you just can’t live without. Every plugin is like a good tool fit for a specific job. This list is a compilation of plugins I use with all my WordPress instillations. Which plugins can you now […]

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Off-Canvas Menu with jQuery


In an age of modern websites built to resemble native smartphone applications, the rise of the off-canvas menu popularly has become hard to ignore. Although I must say, I don’t think they are effective when viewed/used on a desktop widescreen, I do see their clear advantage on a mobile handset where every space counts.

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Sass Jump Start for CSS Beginners


Sass is an extremely easy to learn method of coding CSS that can increase your website production time by as much as 30 to 40 percent (purely unscientific).

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